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Cue the march:

The EDSBS Charity Bowl 2013 is over, and once again Michigan has defended their crown with the ferocity of an enraged Jazz Age gentleman thrashing reprobate malefactors attempting to abscond with their bathtub full of gin.

Michigan led all schools with a total contribution of $9,057.83 from ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DONORS. That is utter insanity, but if you are going to have utter insanity, let it be for a good cause. We are awed by your generosity, and cannot thank you enough. Special thanks are due to MGoBlog in particular for pushing the fundraiser, and ensuring that the Ann Arbor Money Cannon found its target with a fierceness, destroyed the goal, and then kept bombarding until that goal was a pile of charitable rubble.*

*A pile of charitable rubble = superb name for a failed defense this year. Let's earmark that all together for later use.

The top 5 after the Victors:

2. University of Texas $3,108.08

3. Auburn University $2,156.61

4. Notre Dame $1,750.42

5. University of Denver $1,200

Full standings are here.

The grand total blew away any reasonable expectations we had: $31,432.05, well past our $20K goal and the highest total of any EDSBS Charity Bowl yet. We cannot thank you all enough, though we have two more unreasonable requests for you:

  1. You want the cheese eating filmed, yes?
  2. What Billy Joel songs do you want sung horribly?

Please answer in comments below, and yet again: Go Blue