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MORE FLAMING FOOTBALLS. What's all that stuff around it? The hot molten passion of our commentariat, of course. It may also be wing sauce with a tinge of bourbon, because, bourbon.

Not exactly a new-new logo, but we like our flaming footballs around here. If you like new logos, whew, do we have PLENTY of them to go around at SBN United, the network redo we have coming up. They're all here for your perusal, but let us just single out Rocky Top Talk for the swankiest logo in the SEC. Checkerboard never fails, unlike the Tennessee football team. (This is not Bring On The Cats new logo, but it should be.)

A NAME CHANGE MIGHT NOT BE THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD. Not after Pitt/Cincy last night, which in all fairness was not the atrocity we imagined it to be initially, but was still bad enough to facilitate plays like this. My, Walter Stewart and Ralph David Abernathy IV are entertaining to watch, unlike almost anyone on the Pitt football team.

Tino Sunseri was sacked six times, and may be the Rudy Carpenter of his generation (minus Carpenter's production.) Pitt did not get a field goal off at the half while sitting at the nothing and inches line with time to spare, and it is going to be a very long year for Pitt. Three coaches in four years! Never, ever let Steve Pederson touch anything you own, because this will happen.

So sure, go ahead and change the name. Might be for the best, actually, since geographical references and numbers are both so passé in college football conference taxonomy.

CHRIS FAULK OUT FOR THE YEAR. The bad news: LSU lost a starter on the offensive line. The good news: you know, just a grizzled and very intelligent sixth-year senior replacement waiting on the sidelines after serving as a de facto offensive assistant on the field during the 2011 season. As long as he forgets everything from the national title game, LSU is gonna be fiiiiiine. (Via.)

OH, YOU ARE TOO KIND. No really, Bill's way too kind to Florida's offense here, but shit, we would love for him to be wrong. You know what makes great sense offensively? Doing exactly what everyone else is doing, but not as well! Seriously, Mizzou, rip the SEC East a new one and prove what Michael is talking about here.

PAT DYE'S PANTS ARE BACK! On the internet, since they never really left your heart.

BALL OUT, KEVIN SUMLIN. Kevin Sumlin has that Rick Neuheisel Air Express going, which may actually be driven by a semi-employed Rick Neuheisel when he's not doing commentary on the Pac-12 Network.

WHORES! The team that brothelizes together stays together for a short time, and then is broken up for brothelizing.

ETC: WARREN ZEVON GETS DOWN, Y'ALL. Why does Mike Leach look like he's being held at gunpoint here? The toothbrush that saved the International Space Station deserves some kind of valor award for toothbrushes like the one they give Shane McGowan's toothbrush. <----does not exist, never mind.