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Janoris Jenkins, Florida's starting cornerback, was arrested for marijuana possession under 20 grams after being spotted by police rolling a joint in the bathroom of "Status" nightclub, a discoteca de hip-hop whose name is so archly transparent it is either brilliantly malevolent or gloriously stupid.

Looking at the description, we will opt for the former. Nice try, smart person trying to sound dumb! It's the over-misspelling that will get you every time.

Status is Gainesvilles newest upscale hot spot centered in the middle of downtown with its innovative architecture inside and outside Status is sure to be the newest upscale hotpot where style and class meet light and sound to produce a ombeonce like no other in Gainesvilles night life.

INCREASING OMBEONCE. A misdemeanor citation for marijuana means a few things. Jenkins is a Gator, so a single bonus point applies to the infraction, and this equals two points for Florida in the Fulmer Cup. The resurgence of public marijuana arrests at Florida after a period of relative silence also means Florida should receive a bump in the preseason rankings since weed + Florida = Championships.