HURRRRRRRRRRR. This is your Cam Newton Wonderlic Score Prediction Thread. Make all wagers below; make only one, though if more than one is made the first will stand as your enduring, unalterable guess. For reference's sake, consider the following historical comparisons.

Chris Leak: 8

Mark Sanchez: 28

Tee Martin: 11

Vince Young: 6/16 (Vince got a retake.) (On an IQ test.) (Yawp.)

Peyton Manning: 28

Alex Smith: 40

Jeff George: 10

Terry Bradshaw: 15

Anything below the Bradshaw/Marino line of 15 is shameful. Do your worst. The official EDSBS prediction and your house line to work against is a 14. The winners will receive the universal respect and love of their fellow commenters, and nothing else since THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR YOU DAMMIT.

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