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Today's rare in-season Mustache Wednesday goes to Michigan offensive lineman Taylor Lewan, whose mustache is actually tattooed on his finger for convenience's sake. 



Lewan sounds like one of the legends of our time: 

I mean it's the best icebreaker in the world. You go up to them," Lewan said, putting his finger in place to reveal the mustache, "'Miss, let's be serious, I just want to dance.'"

(HT: Brian.) Some of us forget our childhood dreams, but Lewan didn't, taking his boyhood dream of having a mustache tattooed on his finger and making it happen. For that the honor is your, Taylor. Let's be serious: your mustache is made not of hair, but of ink, pure imagination, and the stuff that composes dreams. Salute, sir, and HAPPY MUSTACHE WEDNESDAY, MOTHERFUCKERS!