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Horrendously late due to some other writing obligations, a conference call, general disorder, and the usual fuckeduppedness. TO THE LINKS. 

IT'S TIME FOR HIM TO DO THE FLYING THING AGAIN. Mark Richt's choice of dive this year was full gainer and done in khaki pants, since just in case he died in the attempt he wanted to go out in the Lord's Pants (Duck Heads and pleated, of course.) 

(HT: AJC.) Paul Finebaum says that dive lacked the kind of killer edge required to win an SEC title in a league dominated by fire-breathing he-men like Nick Saban, and then resumed penning the "Nick Saban: Too Big For The SEC" piece where he simultaneously slams the entire SEC as a unit and manages to lick Saban's size six shoes. He's eight steps ahead of all of us, and that's how he makes millions as a professional troll. 

MORE IN A BIT, BUT LOLWAC: BYU might be taking direction from divine tablets, peeky stones, or other sources of godly interdimensional communication. Little else explains attempting to sell themselves as an independent, since even the revenue-based arguments for them leaving (while mathematically appealing) do nothing to explain how BYU will manage to compete on anything but the most local scale.  Meanwhile the Mountain West just took the WAC's flatscreen and laptop through the window by nabbing Nevada, drove off in their car with Fresno State, and has Hawaii thinking about going rogue as well.  Dan Beebe is just lying low, waiting to work the Big 12's comeback into this by taking Utah State and San Jose State, since "Texas told me to." 

The Wiz's roundup is quite encyclopedic, but we'll be along with our own quaalude-induced version of events shortly. In the meantime, yeah: this makes not a lick of sense in any way, though it does guarantee that BYU will play in the Las Vegas Bowl for the next 30 years at least. 

TATE FORCIER IS NOT TRANSFERRING BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE ANNOUNCED ON "THE FORCE:" The HTML paradise that is QBFORCE.COM (Guitar noise!) doesn't say anything about it, and the tweet proclaiming his imminent transfer has evaporated, so Tate Forcier is likely not transferring anywhere for the moment

UCONN HAS SUSPENDED THEIR BACKUP QUARTERBACK. For unspecified crimes against humanity, but this is further proof that we cannot wait for football to get here because really, a link about UConn's backup qb? You're damn right, because starvation madness has kicked in and we're doing things like telling you about it and picking U-Dub to win the Pac-10. 


EVOLUTION OF AN EVALUATION. Zach Lee's really exciting. Zach Lee could do things for us. Zach Lee has a lot of potential, and could play for us. Zach Lee's gonna compete to take some snaps for us. (Zach Lee signs with the dodgers for five million dollars.) Zach Lee wasn't going to play for us anyway. 

GRRRRR ANGRY SPORTS MEMES. A whole passel of them, in which we hate everything