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GOVERNOR OTTER WILL NOT INTERFERE, THOUGH HE WILL LOOK CUTE OVER HERE. There will be no government interference in the brisk hatred between Boise State and Idaho and their scheduling. This is leading The Curious Index to remind you that even Governor Otter's power has his limits, even if he is capable of standing on his hind legs and holding a beer in adorable fashion. Any further press inquiries will have to wait until after Governor Otter's band practice. 

Mmm. Barbecue. 

If we owe the Idaho/BSU blowup for anything, it's giving us an excuse to post Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas clips. 

DUDE I GOT THE CASH I JUST NEED A FEW DAYS. Texas A&M is not demanding $20 million from the Big 12. It has been promised $20 million a year under the new terms of the Big 12's still-unsigned television deal, the deal Dan Beebe made with God while looking into this special Alamo Bowl hat over here with his magic glasses. This all stems from the Left Behind wing of schools--i.e., Baylor, Kansas, KSU, etc--agreeing to give up portions of their contracts to push OU, UT, and TAMU's share to $20 mill a piece.

UT and OU declined this move, but the Aggies are in the process of repaying a $16 million loan back to the university, and did not in fact decline this payment. Beebe has the cash, and he could pay, but...we'll talk, dude. The Big 12 remains a conference held together by dental floss, hype, and the fluttering hands of Dan Beebe, a raft made of driftwood and garbage coming apart in a light squall, a herd of cats Beebe is enticing across the plains with a dwindling supply of Fancy Feast thrown from the back of a smoking pickup truck with three flat tires and a tubercular engine. 

Legal recourse is first, and snuggling into the warm arms of Mike Slive is next. 

YURT ROCK. Cal is going to do their training Mongolian-style for the next year as renovations and the construction of their new athletic complex force them into a series of tents the SF Chronicle refers to as "a glorified yurt." It's a fourteen thousand foot yurt, something Genghis Khan himself would have admired, taken from you, and told you about while he ground you to powder and impregnated your women, but he was just nice enough to at least compliment you on the quality of the tent while doing so.

MO ON MO CLARETT: Luke's got the complete review of the Clarett saga, which you think you remember, but then read and recall exactly how bizarre the man's career and subsequent odyssey was, and just how much trouble mileage he got out of one injury-shortened season as an 18 year old freshman. 

HOUSTON NUTT AS A BATSHIT INSANE BRITISH COLONEL? Why yes, Michael, that is about right.