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Unusual delays this morning, but as we tweeted: did you know a doggy day care will take a child if you just move quickly enough, use some creative palm-greasing, and refuse to take no for an answer? Little Magnus will be fine there, we're sure, especially if he does what we told him to do: find the biggest dog in the yard, attack him, and assert dominance from the start. (And we're not totally cold, since we sprung for the Frosty Paws treats at noon. Mmm. Frozen corn and horsemeat.) 

The Index will be along in a bit, but for the moment read Eleven Warriors' excellent endorsement of a cold weather bowl game. We can't endorse these, but it is an excellent effort anyway, and contains the following explanation of how southern college football fans think re: bowl games and, well, everything: 


True. Please note that the sun is located somewhere over Orlando, a telling placement from an Ohio State blog since Orlando is the second largest city in Ohio, after all.