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The picture above is as unsubtle a visualization of tonight's game as is possible: Boise with the showgirl on its arm, and Kyle Whittingham over there just watching Coach Pete kiss the babies and dance with the ladies. This is your open thread for the Las Vegas Bowl, where Brent Musburger will openly pine for the immense but sexy teeth of Kellen Moore, reference the point spread in an unsubtle fashion, and perhaps down a postgame 16 oz beer in the parking lot after the game before a long night of hot hands at a respectable but not overly pricey casino.

They don't make men like Brent Musburger anymore, and that is a goddamn shame, so let us respect the codger-style tonight as he works with some Midwestern Ken Doll with highlights in his hair and a maudlin dinner theater piano mannequin on the sidelines. Tom Rinaldi killed a mouse in a hotel room once, and his five minute spoken word piece on the incident will make your aunt weep, but only if she's stone drunk.