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Two teams dumped like so many mafioso bodies in the desert: that is the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl, where like all other ruined dreams the seasons of the Utah Utes and the Boise State Broncos end up mozying up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Kyle Brotzman, step away from the blackjack table. WE REPEAT: YOU CANNOT WIN THIS BACK AND YOU ARE NOT ON THE VERGE OF A HOT STREAK.

What's ruined stays ruined, but Job and Gary Busey and every other real survivor never let that stand in the way of a good time. Partying in the ashes is the theme for today's podcast, as Utah and Boise State players seem to be bound and determined to make the best of a bad situation by winning cat-eating contests, engaging in chest-thumping bouts at the Hard Rock over New School Cirque du Soleil versus Old School Cirque ("Scary clown ringmaster, WHAT?"), and playing out the string in a determined and vigorous fashion at the glorified high school stadium with Sam Boyd's name on it. As long as we keep Kyle Brotzman away from the Russian Roulette Room at the Bellagio, everyone should be just fine.*

*John Daly's won quite a bit of money in that room. He's also taken three shots to the head, but that ain't nothing but a sinus cold with its own porthole for ol' Johnnypants.

The podcast is here, or you may listen below.