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First things first: let's wake and bake this morning with the Washington State Cougars, whose Jamal Atofau and another academically ineligible former Cougar were found with 38 marijuana plants in their house. In case you don't know about the pot and the reefer, that is technically speaking a Shit-Ton of weed, a unit indicating "enough to get you some hefty jailtime." On the bright side, that's a lot of plants to keep alive at once, so a promising future in horticulture awaits someone here. 

ALL HAIL: The Alphabetical is up, and notes the deep irony of Andrew Luck lighting up the spearingest player on USC's defense, Shareece Wright. Bonus: ALL 26 LETTERS ARE THERE FOR ONCE. How we feed ourselves daily is one of nature's grand miracles. Also at SBNation: Holly's Next 5 looks at the teams lurking just outside of the top 25; Ms. Anderson also looks at the Heisman race; and sure, let's just make up some BCS rankings since they're just as nonsensical as the actual ones.  

Oh, and This Week in Schadenfreude awards Florida the crown for the week. COMPLACENTCY. 

BACK FOR FLORIDA STATE. Chris Rainey is practicing with the Gators, is not on the team, but is "working his way back onto the team" according to Urban Meyer. 

"Chris will have to meet a set of conditions to become a part of our team again and although he is practicing, he will not play this weekend. The timetable for his return will depend on his ability to follow the guidelines we have laid out for him."

We're certain one of those conditions is TEXT MESSAGING DISABLED ON YOUR PHONE, because one should at least have the common courtesy to cut the little letters out of magazines and paste it to the door of your beloved yourself, man. 

WE MIGHT HAVE TO SCRUTINIZE SOME THINGS. For instance, it's getting harder to find teams located below us in the offensive rankings, for instance. 

BLOOOOOOOOOWS, THIS DOES. James Rodgers is out for the rest of the year with a leg injury of unspecified nature but definite impact for the Oregon State Beavers. 

THAT'S STILL COACH RICK NEUHEISEL TO YOU. UCLA may have three players suspended for the Oregon game. Given UCLA's scanty chances in this game, that may be an indication that these three players are the ones Rick Neuheisel truly loves and wants to protect from the bad things in life. 

SMARTNESS, OBSERVE IT. Chris has his Smart Notes up, and the inverted veer stuff is must-read quality material for those of you who wonder how Nebraska's offense went from assy to classy in a matter of a year. (Taylor Martinez helps, too.)