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CURIOUS INDEX, 1/22/2010

Oh the luminosity. The University of Florida's Library Youtube channel has lots of things: videos of barn owls, seminars on how to craft grants to get NSF funding, lengthy lectures on the agricultural practices of Dominican farmers, and if you peek carefully a lot of old newsreel footage of Florida football from the '40s and '50s.

That's from 1940, when Florida beat Georgia and then-SEC member Georgia Tech in the same year for the first time, and evidently brought oranges with them as a sign of "that famous Southern Hospitality." They also brought malaria, but that was just a bonus gift we threw in just for free.

Doc Louis picks his staff......and ECU will get Lincoln Riley as part of the staff Ruffin McNeill is putting together at East Carolina. Riley, if you'll recall, was the coach who wrote about Adam James' terrible work habits in an email defending Mike Leach, something Ruffin McNeill evidently looked at and said "Yeah, that's about right" before hiring him. It's also confirmation that the Pirates will be throwing the ball eleventy billion times a game this year, and that the Houston game for 2010 will be six hours long and end with a basketball score.

Go Horseshoe Crabs! Michigan State is changing its logo from the more literal Spartan profile to something resembling a Horseshoe Crab with magical sonar waves coming from its face. Sparty Nation (< ---ESPN fanbase logo'd!) doesn't seem happy about the change, though we like the Ramzy's suggestion that Michigan State go whole hog and change the uniform to something with painted-on abs, or better still just play with helmets made to look like Sparty's head to get a real life NCAA 2010 Mascot Game going here.

A non-contrarian Slate piece? Yes please. A very good examination of the invisibility of corners, a position whose effectiveness can be measured by your inability to hear them mentioned during a play. We've always thought corner was kind of a thankless position for this reason, since you do your job best when everyone stops trying to make you do your job.

Stay strong, man. That this headline was even typed is a deep sign of how troubled our nation truly is.