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Sunrise: Tennessee makes the savvy move of hiring Kevin Steele, Clemson's defensive coordinator and former Alabama and Florida State assistant, to head up the Vols defense. Steele not only brings with him a wealth of defensive experience, he also has the advantages of:

a.) Being a sort of homeboy, as his first GA stint was with Tennessee

b.) Has a really hard sounding name, though not quite as awesome as Spy Hard's "Dick Steele."

c.) Will never, ever, ever let Derek Dooley do anything but call the Victory formation to end a game.

During the 1999 season, Steele's Baylor team was involved in what called one of the top 10 worst coaching decisions, in 1999, when he chose a running play rather than a kneel down with his team leading and possessing the ball in the game's final 12 seconds and the opponent (UNLV) out of timeouts. The ensuing Baylor fumble and UNLV return for a touchdown gave the Rebels a shocking win.[4].

Yup. Let's just focus on the defense, and the fine job he did in leading Clemson's unit to the three spot in the ACC last year in total defense. NOD DAMN YOU NOD.

Sunset: Kiffin did indeed crash a car while he was in Knoxville. There's no police report from the incident yet, but you can assume that Monte can't remember it, and that Ed Orgeron likely ate the evidence. (Evidence = five witnesses and the car itself.)