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CURIOUS INDEX, 1/18/2010

Autotune, your healing hands touch us the right way every time.

Renaldo Woolridge of the Tennessee basketball team turns football tragedy into relationship triumph, girl.

Make all your big announcements on Friday. The timing was coincidental, but remember that if you're going to make news you'd rather not discuss, make sure you do it on a Friday, something Tennessee got to take full advantage of this weekend. The weekend delay gave everyone time to adjust, to ease into the notion of "Hey, Louisiana Tech was pretty injured last year," and "Sometimes you do lose to Utah State in life." For the record the hire hasn't hurt recruiting, and with a placeholder like Dooley (who we still insist is Mike Shula with a law degree) that's the most important thing.

OH IT'S ON PRETTY LADY. Rick Neuheisel trash-talking is so much more disappointing than what you imagine it could be. Jim Harbaugh, you're are only hope. Meanwhile, NDNation is cobbling together a proper consensus nickname for Kiffykins. We have our preferences, and as good as "Paris of Troy" is, a proper nickname is demeaning and short in the case of those who deserve it. The best historical example? Joseph Stilwell referring to kleptocrat Chiang Kai-Shek as "Peanut" (which would be a fine nickname for Kiffin for no particular reason.)

She could have just run a pass route if she really wanted to escape. Former Florida CB Wondy Pierre-Louis, who's had a rough week, now has a worse one after his girlfriend swore out a criminal complaint against him claiming he assaulted her after seeing her with another man. The most specious part of the woman's story is that even a poorly run slant route or comeback could have shaken Pierre-Louis loose. Pierre-Louis' eligibility is up, so he's sadly not eligible for points in the Fulmer Cup. (Please: it's Florida. We'll make it up somewhere.)

That will get you some favorable calls. Iowa football remains so, so sexy.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: We were curling for an SBNation assignment in Knoxville last night, so will be driving home right So back this afternoon, but not until then since blogging and driving is dangerous.