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There is nothing funny or football-related here. But after the jump, if you're wondering about Haiti-related donations...'s a quick note since a few readers were asking. (Since, tangentially at least, I used to work with some of this stuff.) Most of the organizations with the capacity to make a real impact on the ground right now will not be your niche organizations, but rather the large organization with serious logistical muscles. These would be your:

--American Red Cross, whose donation instructions are here.

--Mercy Corps, whose page is here.

--Medicins Sans Frontieres. Donation page here.

Those are three big but well-monitored organizations who make serious efforts to keep admin costs down and service output up. If you're interested in donating to a major religious organization of particular relevance, the largely Catholic population of Haiti will be relying on the Catholic church for relief. Therefore CRS may be an organization to consider, as well.

NBA player and native Samuel Dalembert also has an organization that is working with Haitian relief. Donations go here.

You have plenty of choices as a charitable donor, and you should do your homework before giving.

If you haven't been through an earthquake before--a real, live, serious tooth-rattler--it is one of those moments that can unsettle your very understanding of reality forever. Floors turn to liquid. Power lines wave like broken guitar strings in the wind. Whole mountainsides flake away. You turn up, look at whatever is above you, and hope it does not decide to lose structural integrity and thus cause you to lose structural integrity for good. It is the most direct reminder you will ever receive that you are not in control and the universe can and will smash you like a gnat at any second.

It is terror, pure Old Testament awesome terror. They are horrifying anywhere they occur, but having it happen in a place as strained to the breaking point of sustainability as Haiti is cruelty. There is no other word for it.