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Jack Del Rio. Or as we'll just start calling him, "Juan of the River." He's been offered the USC job. Del Rio has never coached in college, has never recruited at the college level, and would have a very short window through which to salvage USC's recruiting class. Additionally, he would have to steer the program through possible NCAA sanctions, compete during a time of potentially limited scholarships, and otherwise live in the shadow of Pete Carroll during his entire tenure.

We wrote about this yesterday, but if you want FAIL, make it fascinating FAIL. Herm says he's all about WEEEEEEEYYYYYUN.

The only possible upside of a Del Rio term in LA would be the addition of motivational and harmful items to the locker room, which in the hands of amped-up teenagers couldn't possibly go wrong. Del Rio is saying just what he should right now: what offer?

The hiring process: For Carroll, we knew it involved robots and sharks.

Step two: but he's not Willie. Dawg Sports says anyone hired besides Kirby Smart now is a disappointment, but remember step two of "1. Hire new defensive coordinator." Step two is always "...but he's not Willie." Even modest improvement on the defense could have swung the LSU and Kentucky games for Georgia this year. Add in the inclusion of an actual quarterback not frightened by the sun, and you've got yourself a stew goin'.

Exodus: Tech, Florida, and Alabama all lose key players to the draft, including Carlos Dunlap, a born Bengal if we've ever met one. Georgia Tech loses the only two players on defense they have, meaning if you though the Jackets relied on outscoring people in 2009, 2010 will make Houston's old run ' shoot affairs look like plodding Maryland-I teams playing in a monsoon.

Devine, Interrupted. Smoking Musket looks at the mysterious usage of quarkback Noel Devine in the West Virginia offense, and comes away slightly less confused than when they started. Devine is a guy whose numbers are very Barry Sanders-ish in their inconsistency per carry: they might have three runs for no gain, and then pop a crease for sixty. If you stick with it, you get the big payoffs, but in the meantime there's punting and waiting for the big haul, which WVU's offensive staff seemed to attempt to mitigate by spreading the ball around.