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Jacory Harris was sacked five times, hobbled around for most of the second half like a young Jason White, and Miami seemed stunned by live Wisconsinites using a rare and exotic position called "the tight end," a kind of hybrid lineman/receiver capable of both blocking and catching the ball. 13 of 19 Badger completions went to the tight ends, a number Wisconsin could have doubled if they'd really wanted to thanks to Miami's inability to stop the play-action pass and the devastating running of Ball and Clay. These are all specious, unnecessary details devoid of the science Nessler and Blackledge dropped on their audience, which was that it was at least 50 degrees in Orlando, and that FREAKED MIAMI OUT SO MUCH THEY HAD TO LOSE. That's a much better explanation than "Wisconsin kicked Miami's ass."

Stop Hatin'. Texas Tech WR coach Lincoln Riley on Adam James, via Joe Schad:

"Two practices before Adams James claimed he had a consussion, Coach Leach and I were forced to discipline him for poor effort from the previous practice and poor effort during the early drills of that day. This has been a common theme about Adam's work ethic and attitude during his entire career ... He complained to me that we were not doing our jobs as coaches and that his effort was just fine ... I have no doubt that anger from this led to where we are today with this situation and is his way of trying to 'get back' at us coaches."

We're turning this into a cause, dammit.

Bulgarian Customs Inspector To bring Defense to Classic City. Big Chief to Athens might be a possibility, and for large, large assistant money. He won't go anywhere because he's stodgy and loyal and old-schooly like that, but he certainly knows the territory well enough to work, and is not a flight risk in event of

The "Official EDSBS Fucking Idiot Files" Grow. If the Mike Leach scandal has done any good, it has come in the revelation of additional data to add to the "Dennis Franchione is officially a fucking idiot" file.

That is indeed so Urban. The stage directions here are the highlight, and that's by no means damning by faint praise.