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Mack Brown now makes $5 million a year, something that explains the shocking bulge in Jimmy Sexton's pants this afternoon and the blown blood vessel in someone at Notre Dame's head as they attempt to negotiate a contract with Bob Stoops Urban Meyer Brian Kelly (or Randy Edsall, or whoever gets the job.) Kelly being a foregone conclusion is not, um, a foregone conclusion.

"Here’s what I believe is going on. Kelly won’t go to Notre Dame and risk being another in a recent string of coaches who can’t win there because of the restrictions those coaches face. He’s telling them what he needs to win a national championship, and if they can’t compromise on some of those issues he won’t take the job...If the ND job doesn’t work out, he returns to UC in a much stronger position than he was before."

If Kelly won't bite at it, it's onto Edsall, the other name associated with the Notre Dame job today. Remember that the situation is fluid, subject to change, and all a farce before Notre Dame meets the man who will show them how to love again, laugh again, and how to dance like no one's watching.

Ron Prince. You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape his love, Notre Dame. The rest is just a sham leading up to the prince you can make you all kings again.