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Hooo--wee! Thinking about gettin' some Kansas Va-Jay-Jay-hawk on this hog-willie! GIGGITY! Make 'em shell out for the HOUSTON DALE EXPERIENCE! Ducats in my bucket for the Nutt-get! Wouldn't have to grocery shop for weeks what with Mangino's leftovers cloggin' the office. Shit, it probably looks like hoarders in there. BOTARKUS GOATS IN MY OFFICE EATIN' THROUGH THE WALL! I love it!

Lesson to our players about being resourceful. About finishing things. Gotta eat through that wall, men, because there's garbage over there, and you want that garbage because you're hungry goats! And you'll do anything to eat, because those cockroaches and rats want to take the garbage you deserve to eat! GIGGITY BLANGFINKUS I gotta write this down, because it's gonna set some asses on fire.

GIGGITY UPDATE GIGGITY Hoo-wee, gotcha! Stayin' put! Jimmy Sexton, you are a blotarkin' genius.