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To absolutely everyone's utter shock, further Mark-Mangino-is-a-crazypants-tyrant details are emerging, and this time there's a name attached: Former starting nose tackle Cory Kipp is alleging he suffered second-degree burns while being punished for missing a weigh-in:

Kipp, a defensive lineman under Mangino in 2002 and ’03, told the Journal-World this week that he endured significant injuries to his hand as a result of a punishment carried out by the coach — a claim backed up by multiple former players, as well as photos taken shortly after the incident.
[Kipp] was instead told to "bear-crawl" across the AstroTurf field at Memorial Stadium on his hands and feet. On multiple occasions, Kipp said, he stopped to complain that the turf was burning his hands — according to a University of Arkansas report, artificial playing surfaces have been documented at up to 199 degrees in temperature — but was ordered by Mangino, who was walking alongside the crawling player, to keep going.

In responding to these accusations, Mangino replied that he was simply trying to make Kipp stronger than his relatives who died in the Great Chicago Fire. Further gory details can be perused at

[Image via @petegaines.]