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This EDSBS Live Announcement includes a few random notes of great import we can't really squeeze in anywhere else. Also, we're making a theme cassoulet in honor of the Ducks playing the Beavers, and have to pick up some confit duck legs in a few minutes. In case you're wondering what the Beavers half of the meal is, well...we haven't figured out a clever way to work that in yet without being crude to the point of uncleverness.

So, yes: EDSBS Live, tonight at 9. We'll discuss the championship round of games, Bob Stoops repeatedly slamming Adam Schefter's head in with a hammer, and anything else popping into our heads. Links to chat and listen to appear around 7 or so in this space.

"Mine's from Leviticus!" Stabbing in all directions, courtesy of the Tim Tebow School of Life.

It's not a bad attempt at all, and kudos for the peppy game show music, but if no one else wants to properly hate on Tebow, we'll just give you one tip: ask the guy if Jesus rode dinosaurs. DO WE HAVE TO SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THIS PROPERLY?

Dunlap, out. At least according to his father, who says he'll likely miss the SEC Championship Game.

LSU mumble mumble Violations mumble mumble. Investigation, self-reporting, etc. THEY GONE GET THE DEATH PENALTY--nothing happens < ----cycle of SEC message board rumors re: NCAA.

PLZ ADVISE! : All charges against Trent Pupello have been dismissed, per Greg Auman of the St. Pete Times, meaning the Fulmer Cup's 2009 champions may have just lost their crown. Do we go to the trouble of actually vacating the title, or is that far too accurate and diligent for this blog's standards? Choice graf:

"after a thorough review of statements from numerous witnesses ... (we are) unable to refute the defendent's claim of justified use of force."


Caring deficient: Testudo Times says the problem with Friedgen coming back isn't even performance, but rather the lack of caring among the fanbase. A malaise, if you will. Which sounds like mayonnaise. A whole jar of it. Mmmm. Mayonnaise. < -----/ralphfriedgen'd