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You may remember these adorable and yet soccer-lethal scamps from Outcasts United, Warren St. John's book about the struggles and triumphs of a refugee soccer team located here in Atlanta. Well, they don't call it non-profit without reason, and the fundraising never ends. Please take a moment to go to the Fugees Causes page on Facebook, where they're engaged in a fierce battle for a $10,000 prize matching the number of donations made before 2:00 today. They're about 35 donors behind, so take a moment to check out Fugees Family's website, watch some ridiculously tough children introduce themselves, and then give whatever you can via Causes on Facebook here.

The recommended donation is $25, but you can give $10 or $100 or whatever you can, because it's flexible like that. Fearless leader kicked in $50, but that's because he keeps track of receipts come tax time and also happens to care about this cause very, very much.

Hit it, drunken soldiers of charity.