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Mike Leach does a different banking segment each week as part of an endorsement deal with trusted local Lubbock financiers Vista Bank, and we'll be damned if they don't feel like mid-80s Letterman schtick in its prime. (Like "How Much Gas is In Larry Holmes' Car?", where Dave would simply call Larry Holmes, chitchat with him politely, and then ask how much gas was in his car.) This week's tip: know your checking balance. Oh, it all sounds so simple, Mike Leach, until you find yourself stranded in a Miami hotel room at 5 in the morning with an empty bucket of chicken, three beers, and no gas money back home. Then talk to us about knowing the rules of smart banking, Mr. "I don't have uncontrollable benders with extensive memory gaps." We have a series, and it's called "Smart Coaching." Rule three is "Don't lose to a Texas A&M team coached by Mike Sherman."