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Pony boys. We're not even sure what to do with that photo but stand aside in awe of it and point. So, yeah: pointing and staring with mouth open. The Pony Boys of SMU would like you to know that they came to this fine blog by way of a Dallas bath house Barking Carnival, and that BC has a fine viewing guide ready and waiting for this week if you care for some humorous distraction this morning. If it's a pony you're wanting, well, they're happy to deliver, evidently.

He loves Bo now. Don't fight it. Don't let the dazzling graphics fool you: hypnotizing Bluetick hounds is pretty easy, as long as you have something covered in fur or feathers and can shake it at them. (Like Ed Orgeron, they're quite excited by animal pelts.) Clay suggests Malzahn is the coordinator hire of the year thus far, and arguing would be difficult, especially in light of Tennessee's defense already being pretty good when Monte Kiffin took over.

The Blaine Crapper-t. The most gorgeous toilet a Mizzou fan could ever see, now available in the name of charity.

Terrifying Baileys: Miami's Allen Bailey doesn't look all that terrifying here until you notice the size of his hands relative to the frying pan, and consider that the pan is an edible plate for him. USF's Pierre Bailey (no relation) is terrifying in more obvious ways: he is 6'6" and can execute a perfect backflip from a standing position, is just starting to learn the game of football, and appears to be on the verge of attacking in the photo included in the article.

Greauxss Underachievers LSU's offense: full of vitamin struggle.