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Notes follow. We blame reality.

Rank Team
1 Alabama
2 Florida
3 Texas
4 Houston
5 Boise State
6 Ohio State
7 Virginia Tech
8 Oregon
9 Cincinnati
10 Iowa
11 Oklahoma
12 Southern Cal
13 Miami (Florida)
14 Oklahoma State
15 Penn State
16 California
17 TCU
18 LSU
20 Auburn
21 Kansas
22 Georgia
23 South Carolina
24 Mississippi
25 Minnesota

This was so much easier before people actually knew shit. Before you say a word: this is wacky, week-to-week voting with a hint of correction for perceived talent level, potential, and past performance. You know who's not going to stick around most likely? Houston, Boise, and Oregon, because Houston and Boise will be dragged down by the mediocre competition they play, and because Oregon will follow up a carpet-bombing of Cal by having their star corner get de-kneed and blowing an easy Pac-10 game. Re: Oregon? You play one highly ranked team and lose on the road and then dishumilatinate the highest ranked team in your conference, you get perks. Re: Houston? Big 12 South wins should count just as much in September as they do in November, when the Big 12 gets their annual run in the polls off conference play. It's a trick of the calendar at this point not to credit them.

The rest: Is a bloody mess. Where the hell do you put Iowa, other than above Penn State and below Ohio State, who would probably beat them in a 6-2 horror show leaving non-Big Ten fans holding their own eyeballs in hand at the end in order to ensure they could never watch such football horror ever again. USC is off the boards in terms of solid betting thanks to offensive woes, Miami and OK State are erratic, Penn State looked atrocious, there's a knot of SEC teams at the bottom you can untangle if you've got three months of conference play, and GODDAMN THIS MADNESS.

Pretty sure Minnesota's a rock-solid 25, though.