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No, leave the Dragonball-Z and Pokemon posters on the wall behind you in your smack-talking video to Miami fans. They'll be too distracted by your blazing commentary and the acid burn of your caustic LAUGH OF DEEP KNOWING SARCASM, right?


hahaahhaahahah.... nice dragonball poster buddy... go jack off to a pokemon

"Michigan's defense can't stop a VCR" great quote you fucking tool bag, go beat off to some more anime porn.

only a fag from oklahoma would do this, you have probably never thrown a football in your life. stick to pokemon and dragon ball z dickhead.

I find it ironic you're calling people pathetic, when you're sitting alone in your bedroom on a Saturday night, video taping yourself with your super sweet Dragon Ball Z posters in the background.

hahaha you talk such big shit on the internet u little puss. come say that at the U if u have the balls. ur little dragonballz poster says that ur virgin self wouldnt have the guts to speak up in person.

NIce Dragon Ball Z posters on your wall, faggot.

Faggot with your Dragon Ball Z cartoons, nerd

At 217 comments and running, a tally of 17 "fags" or variations thereof, four "homo"s and only six "gay"s is extremely weak for any Youtube thread, much less one frequented by Hurricane fans. They are coming off a loss, however, so the week of mourning is some pardon for their lack of usual vibrant, stunning homophobia. At least they are polite, though, when they do it:

"You sir are a fucking homo."

Manners are alive and well on the internet after all. (HT: The Great Barstoolio.)