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Well, we were watching this bit of extremely mature behavior, but then found something far more interesting, and yet simultaneously not surprising.

We have a crusty sock named "Tennessee," and have used it five times in a row, oddly enough. (Though we used it this Saturday, and though the desired effect was achieved, the feeling wasn't quite there.) The video does have the incorrect coach listed, though: that is, according to Bruce Feldman, a part-time assistant.

Shocking answers to shocking questions. Oddly enough, if you ask the running back at a rival school in-state as to which team es mas macho, he says his own:

The best team in Ohio this season?

"I would say Cincinnati," Pead said.

In other news, Isiah pead also thinks he is a better lover than any man on the Ohio State squad, has more earning potential, is a better dancer, and should not be encountered in the street unless you would like to find your hustling skills and fighting ability bested by a superior foe.

At least we learned why they call it "BW3," Willy. Former Arizona qb Willie Tuitama is waiting tables part-time at Buffalo Wild Wings after his MOUNTAIN DEW EXTREME DUI CASE scared NFL scouts off him. (HT: TSB.) He is taking classes and sending us to BW3's website to figure out why the place is called "BW3," since the name should be "BW2" at best given the title. Answer: because the original stood for "Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck," with weck being kummelweck, a Buffalo classic originally sharing the sign with "wild" and "wings." If you thought it stood for "Wet farts and extreme discomfort for days afterward," you would probably be just as correct as the real name in spirit.

Lies. Bret Bielema says he's trolling for tips on opposing teams on Twitter, an exercise yielding interesting results like Tim Brewster screaming YEAAHHHHH eight times a day and the informative tidbit about Mark Dantonio having a sandwich that was "kind of good, I guess." < --Mark Dantonio's review of anything ever.

We're partial to Ja-Scorey Tan Marino isn't bad either, though.

The Barking Carnival post mocking the formal commercial was taken down......but please avail yourself of this one while you're at it. It was here, but bastards being bastards, someone took the fully animated goodness down.

Can you say sex scene? Mike Leach will be on Friday Night Lights, and it will be the most intellectually stimulating and erotic experience of your life.