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This post sponsored by Trojan Magnums: The Choice of Stupid Middle Schoolers Everywhere. Jacory Harris, 1:29. Watch.

In case you can't watch, this dramatic re-enactment, courtesy of EDSBS. Reporter: "When was the last time you had protection like that, Jacory?" Harris: "Um...last night?" We often joke of athletes leading the life of a debauched god on campus and using four or five women at a time as a blanket on cold nights, but only Jacory Harris owns up to actually doing it. (And it's not even cold in Miami. Ever.) (HT: 7th Floor.)

Starting center is cog in machine, needs replacement. Michigan's starting center, David Molk, will lose 4-6 weeks to a broken bone in his foot, according to CBS Sports' twitter feed. Joe Schad has reported it, too, and it's not news unless Joe Schad says it is from his table at Sardi's, sipping a martini, talking on the house phone he has installed at his table, and giving cool nods to DiMaggio, Marilyn, and the other glamorous people of that crazy Big Apple whirligig he calls a life. (It amuses us to imagine Schad as a '50s sportswriter with a fedora pushing off missives in a scene in the key of Mad Men. Go with it.) Molk's loss will cause shuffling of some serious degree on the line, but is not a disaster, especially since Michigan plays UNDEFEATED INDIANA QUAKE IN YOUR SHOES this weekend.

RIP. Florida fan Bruce Barber and three others were killed when Barber's single engine plane went down on the Broward/Palm Beach line. There's really no great place to crash a plane, but there are bad ones, and in the middle of Florida swampland ain't the place to do it. Barber ran Bull Gator Air and would take his plane to Florida games. We're going to check if this is the same guy who crashed his plane on the way to Starkville a few years ago, survived, and still made the game only to watch Florida get run out of the stadium. Losing him is already losing a legendary fan, but if that's him, then we're talking someone bound directly for fan Valhalla.

Tyger Kuntz. That's K-U-N-T-Z... That does have to be her real name. It's in the paper, after all.

Boise and TCU, stand up. It's on you, since Utah is all but out after losing to Oregon. Throw in the loss by USC, and we have controls set for immense confusion, which is just fine here.