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The similarities between 2008 and 2009's games are present, clear, and :

--A Florida offense held in check, with Tim Tebow failing to throw for a hundred yards against a fierce Tennessee defense.

--Eric Berry playing three positions simultaneously

--Jonathan Crompton playing a half a position, and doing that poorly

--A finish Florida fans found unsatisfactory

The only real difference statistically is that Florida actually rushed for more yards in this game, allowed a rushing TD from Monterrio Hardesty (a grown-ass man who was the player of the day for either team,) gave up a turnover killing their final drive, and didn't have Brandon James padding the score with special teams TDs thanks to moderately improved coverage by Tennessee. On paper, this are the same two teams with the same two settings, just with the Crompton knob turned down a few notches. (He had nine fewer attempts in this game and two more interceptions.) (Ha.) (Point.) (Mean laugh.)

In a similar sense of deja vu, Florida has the same concerns on offense it had early last year. Tebow presses, the passing game stalls, and the playcalling veers toward the gratingly predictable. Hey, look! It's the read play! AGAIN I WILL STAB YOU ADDAZIO I mean let's see how this works out! The blandness in part comes from the inability of Florida to protect Tebow from the pass rush, but also from the lack of receivers streaking open downfield. We used to have crossing routes. Those were nice, and we hear you can pick them up cheap at your local megamart.

The EDSBS agenda for Lazy Sunday follows:

--EDSBS The Magazine will appear sometime this afternoon.

--The Alphabetical will simmer all day, and go up sometime tonight.

--Take solace in the similarities between Florida 2008 and Florida 2009, where until the Arkansas game we were convinced this team was doomed, doomed, doomed.

--Remember that you could be USC.