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castingcouch#11 Ohio State @ Toledo
Ohio State IS Johnny Cash IN Walk the Line. Jim Tressel, you can't just keep doing the same songs over and over? And you sure as hell can't do it in front of a rabid crowd of people who've killed people? You are incorrect, record executive/football pundit. Sweatervest will trot out his shufflin', two-note bass line lovin' Tennessee Trio of an offense again and again until someone puts his head in the John Cooper memorial guillotine, confidently plowing ahead with convention in front of an audience condemned to imprisonment.

(Cleveland, San Quentin. Equivalencies of a sort.) Toledo may cover, sure, but Ohio State football is about beating people by seventeen points, max, be they Michigan or Toledo. His sidewalks are not meant for fancy walkin' in the least.

Holly: Aaron Opelt IS The Brave Little Toaster IN The Brave Little Toaster. The toast (sorry) of the MAC brings his flingin' arm up against its first real defensive test of the year. Will the Buckeyes rebound from last week's debacle when faced with a team that should by all rights be an easy target? Hayll, no. Toledo will cover that unconscionable 20.5 line at the very least, and in fact, let's pick them to win outright, because they're named "Rockets" and because if I picked against them, Toledo fans wouldn't send me poorly veiled and spellchecked death threats. Got a long car trip this afteroon, and I'll need the entertainment.