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When Verne Lundquist slides his velvety pipes into action tomorrow at 3:30 p.m., that's red mist and glory time. The Palm Beach Post's Ben Volin speaks at a Leitchian pace re: the Tennessee game. Florida will focus on Tennessee's running backs, which they should, because giant catfish still holds the lead in the qb contest over Jonathan Crompton.

Nice shirt. We haven't restocked the long-neglected EDSBS shop since the early half of this decade, but this would have to be an addition when that happens.

C-A-N-E-S. For more fun with Miami fans, please see the typical Miami fan call at the 31 minute mark of the Solid Verbal, but go ahead and listen to the whole thing for the interview with Chris Brown from Smart Football that precedes it, and for Ty's bold assertion that Georgia Tech would handle Miami. Which didn't happen. In gory fashion.

American Folk/Dan Hawkins=fully compatible. It's more fun if you imagine Harry Shearer singing this Corn Nation ode to Dan Hawkins, preferably with the fake beard from A Mighty Wind. By the way, if you found that movie extremely funny, you hate America, because not even the primmest NPR listener finds two-hour movies about American folk music funny. Two things are never funny for any reason: folk music, and cancer. CORRECTION: Cancer can be funny.

Their only real similarity? Beautiful calves. Will Brinson contrasts/compares Sarah Palin and Lane Kiffin in tabular form.