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Public Service Announcement. Avoid placing fingers, arms, or any extremities near the whirling gears of a Jahvid Best at full speed. Management is not responsible for any and all lost limbs resulting from disregarding this advice, much less that or any embarrassment incurred during an inadvisable attempt to tackle him.

Just hug him, tell him he can do it, and keep him out there, even after 4 interceptions. Lane Kiffin is standing by Jonathan Crompton, as he should being his head coach and all. Bully for you, Lane! We have no doubt that with the support of loyal Tennessee fans, he'll go far in leading Tennessee to a sterling effort full of dignity and verve in the Swamp on Saturday.

GET YO FUCK MIND ON Damien Berry of Miami coins the term of the year in his Twitter feed yesterday.gettin my mind rite For GT wit dis damn option shit fuck dat they better get their fuck mind rite cuz here we cum str8 up

It's okay, though. When not getting fuck minds straight and preparing for dis damn option, Damien love tha kidz. (HT: The 7th Floor, of course.)

In semi-related news: Miami wanted Tech's Dwyer. As a defensive back. That would have been terrible great! Larry Coker, everybody!

And, yes: You got hosed Ohio State, but mostly by the piddling nibbly lack of aggression and misunderstanding of basic risk-taking mathematics that is Tresselball.