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Arizona State beat the Idaho State Bengals 50-3 in their opener, paying the Bengals $400,000 for the privilege of getting a 47 point beating. The Bengals piled up 37 yards of net yardage on the night, and not all at once because you have to spread those out over the course of an evening just to be fair. They averaged 0.8 yards a play, but not on this play.

The next time an announcer reminds you that an overmatched opponent needs to "Move the pocket around, get the quarterback on the run, etc," you can suggest back to him that the defense "Needs to send a screaming hellbeast like Vontaze Burfict in there to make the quarterback flinch at loud noises for the next three months." Burfict just qualified academically last week to join ASU, but if the clip is any indication he has already chosen a major of criminal justice, and plans to be very hands on about administering it. (HT: Sean.)