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Truly, madly, deeply.

Our sommelier recommends you pair it with a '97 Savage Garden for maximum ironic pleasure. Miami racked up 386 yards through the air, which is yes quite good for Jacory Harris, but also confirms what you thought in preseason: Florida State's secondary is deliciously spongy and light, like angel food cake that gives up critical pass plays with regularity. (This is quite nice, too.)

We would call it "The Speedy Apostles." Andy Hutchins does some multilingual backflips over the banzai/bonsai package Florida has installed, something they're probably saving in full for the Tennessee game. This is very exciting, so much so we can only describe the possibility of Florida running a hurry-up in Japanese terms: "Bushu-bushu," or the noise of a bra being unclasped and boobs bursting forth.

Mike Bobo, just rubbing AJ Green with a diaper. Paul insists the problem with Georgia's offense is Mike Bobo not getting the ball to AJ Green enough, but first you have to get it there, and if you watched the Ginger Ninja throw the ball in live action Saturday, and what we have here is a failure to levitate (the ball from Cox's hand to Green's hands.) Remember: he has to get close to get the throwing stars into his victims.

Call it the Siragusa. Sure, Coleby Clawson felt bad about landing on Sam Bradford, but he did demonstrate a key talent for white guys in the NFL who aren't offensive linemen: the ability to fall on a quarterback and seriously injure him.

"Leavitt going crazy LOL got 2 go 2 game." USF players were tweeting during player meetings and on the bus on the way to play Wofford. They may have been tweeting on the field considering how shoddily they played against the Terriers, but...hey, someone check and see if Jameel Sewell has a Twitter feed, and if it says "OMG worst. night. ever. Just threw third pick to lose to William 'n Mary LOL."