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"The girls at Boise State have this weird genetic mustache trait." "They eat fried cat paw in Utah." It's filthy and brilliant, and earns points for having two white guys who don't attempt the Affected White Rapper With Black Accent. Also, they just spend the last minute or so making jibberish noises and saying nonsensical phrases like "I'm going to take a chance/ And have unprotected sex in France."

Listen and stand back from the speakers, because it really might give a hater permanent insomnia, have your girl droolin' for their toolin', and turn a sucker mc into a pumpkin on the first listen.

One quibble: "Retard Erickson likes it on the back door/usually on the bathroom floor." Untrue. Back in the seventies the Cap'n might have let a woman tap gently on the garden gate to Prostate Park, but once the eighties came along and everyone got sane it was strictly private property signs back there and all business to the front entrance, please.

Oh, and good morning to you. TWO DAYS GET YOUR WAR ON ALL CAPS GRRRRRRR.