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Brandon Carter, your new facepaint for the Oklahoma game awaits this year: Stephen Good, starting right guard for the Oklahoma Sooners, is terrified of Pennywise.

What's something about yourself that not many people know?

I'm afraid of clowns. The movie "It" got to me.

It's okay. We all float down here, Stephen. If you didn't see IT when you were a kid, we can save you the trauma and summarize it thusly: you get scared shitless by a clown that talks to you from the drains and tries to persuade you to join him in the gutter, and then watch as it turns out he's just a poorly animated stop-motion animation monster of little substance in the finale. In other words, he's what every non-Tennessee fan hopes Lane Kiffin's narrative arc as football coach at Tennessee will be. Glad we could save you the time, and good luck sleeping anyway thinking about a.) what will happen if that's not true, and b.) Tim Curry talking to you from sewer grates. (HT: Barking Carnival.)