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Plus Vince Young's roommate had the last name "McCoy," and Colt McCoy's roommate has the last name "Young"! OK, that's completely false, but ESPN Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin has found some remarkable similarities between the Texas teams of 2005 and 2009. Leaving aside the irrelevant "Y-O-U-N-G and M-C-C-O-Y both have five letters!!!1!!1!" coinky-dinks, there are indeed a striking number of parallels here, not the least of which is the fact that if UT takes the BCS championship this season, they, like the '05 squad, likely will have notched a huge title-game upset over a team that had been shoved down our throats for months as the GREATEST DYNASTY EVAR. Those who forget history, doomed to repeat it, etc. etc. etc.

All right, everybody, time for backstroke drills! Practice has begun for teams across the country, and some had an easier time of it than others:

RALEIGH - N.C. State's preseason practice is off to a stormy start.

The Wolfpack managed to get in about three-quarters of its first practice yesterday before lightning and a heavy downpour forced the coaches to call off the last 30 minutes of practice.

At one point, a sideline yard marker began floating in a stream of rainwater that had drained to the side of the field.

Not an auspicious beginning for a program that's been touted for dark-horse status in the ACC this year, but when two of your first three games are against Murray State and Gardner-Webb, maybe you can afford to write off a preseason practice or two.

Neologism of the day. In other practice news, first-year Auburn head coach Gene Chizik, too, has begun fall practice on the Plains, which really isn't that newsworthy in and of itself but is a good time to introduce a new word I've been meaning to get started. With Sylvester Croom gone, we need a new word to replace "Croomed," so I propose that if a coach loses to a Chizik-coached Auburn team in such an embarrassing fashion that he gets fired, that coach will be said to have been "Chizzwhacked." Go ahead, spread it around.

Meanwhile, in Tuscaloosa, an entirely different kind of whacking is going on. How did we miss this comment from Nick Saban at SEC Media Days?

"We appreciate our fans," Alabama coach Nick Saban said at SEC Media Days. "They certainly give a lot of positive self-gratification to our players, which is the most important thing. . . . "

Further comment? None, thanks for asking.

First recorded instance of "pig sooey" in a rap song? We're going to go with yes. Since we posted that ricockulous "Tim Tebow Song" video the other day, in the interest of equal time we're now going to hear from one of Florida's 2009 opponents: Arkansas, specifically wide receiver Reggie Fish. Behold: "I Ball."

The title of "Next Barkevious Mingo" is not one we take lightly around here.'s Andy Staples scours the recruiting sites for the next great name in college football. God's Power Offor retains a healthy lead in that race, but make no mistake, Indiana Faithful and Munchie Legaux will be mounting strong efforts down the stretch.