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Breaking news out of Honolulu, and obviously important enough to merit its own post: Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin has been docked a month's pay for his uncharitable, sexual-preference-based characterization of Notre Dame's pre-Hawaii Bowl rug-cuttin'. Officially, McMackin will be coaching the team for the next 30 days on a "volunteer" basis, with the money he would be getting paid instead being detoured to fund an intern for a campus LGBT group.

(Pre-emptive righteous-indignation stifling: McMackin's free-speech rights aren't being violated by any of this. The 1st Amendment prevents the federal government from prosecuting you for something you've said; it doesn't bar your employers from fining you for making them look like a bunch of troglodytes. Thanks, carry on.)

With that out of the way, all that's left is to sweep up the pieces. Can we expect an Obama-style "beer summit" between McMackin, the UH president, and Charlie Weis? Or would a "cosmo summit" with McMackin and the head of the Human Rights Campaign be more appropriate? We're confident that any institution whose athletic teams were once nicknamed the "Rainbow Warriors" can be trusted to do the right thing here.