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CURIOUS INDEX, 7/30/2009

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An Orange Rod? We're in! Hot rod, that is:


That sweet Lambo ruined with a coat of Cheeto-puke orange is the centerpiece of a Tennessee poster sure to make the ladies pants evaporate and the men's pants...well, the men's pants will stay on the floor where they left them, cause a Tennessee man ain't got much of a need for pants once he gets in the door, ma'am. Pour me a kerosene and be quick with it, missie, and water and hamburgers for my mule. (HT: Houston.)

They're not coaches. Coaches get Bike brand shorts, and these men don't. The LA Times says USC may have violated NCAA regs, something an NCAA investigator agrees with, and Jim questions, and it all doesn't matter because USC doesn't whistle past the graveyard of programs the NCAA has buried with penalties, it hires a marching band and sets off fireworks while stomping by giddily.

"My granddad would not pay me a dime." Colt McCoy's getaway last week sucked. This came out in the blurbs from Media Day yesterday, but watch it for the amusing sight of reporters asking "What's involved in baling hay?", a question Colt McCoy answers in excessive, polite detail.

Joe Pa on Anthony Morelli:

"(Daryll Clark) hadn't played a lot of football before last year, and that probably was my fault. Jay Paterno, who coached the quarterbacks two years ago, wanted to play Clark more. I thought it would discourage the kid that we were using, and I thought that the kid we were using had the potential to be a good quarterback, and I blew that one."

Honesty: it hurts, but it's nice to hear. Morelli, like Marco Ramius, did ultimately find solace in fishing, though.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WAC Media Days! Taste it! Yeah! [/bangsheadeightybilliontimes.]