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Homeless man storms SEC Media Days for second day in a row.'s Dennis Pillion interview we's truly for the second day's recap, in case you missed the ZOMG EXCITEBIKE action of day two, and of Tim Tebow being

Spencer Hall - Day 2 wrapup fron SEC Media Days

The better question: did Brandon Spikes miss SEC Media Days to tend to his harem? Clay asked Tebow if he was "saving himself for marriage"--not "are you a virgin?", which is the phrasing being used. So in person the question was a bit more demure than one might think. Tebow also answered the question dead-on, never flinched, and seemed entirely comfortable with the question, but GRRRRR LOUD NOISES from Dennis Dodd, who has to be pried out of the revolving doors annually at the Wynfrey when he gets stuck in them, and begins batting against the glass like a frightened pigeon.

A more measured response exists, but you can go ahead and go fully plaid by listening to the excerpts on Finebaum, and then enjoy a refreshing cocktail of your own freshly shed tears for humanity's fate.

We get money, money, money we-we get money, money, money. Further thumping of the SEC cash chest. "Heaven help us if the SEC ever gets WMDs." Tell Hans Brix he can go fuck himserrrf because we wirr neverr give up ourr Blandon Spikes.

Unmasked! Spurrier was the one who didn't vote for Tebow, presumably because he plays in one of them shotgun offenses for teams that don't have talent.

CONTRACT [REDACTED] Illinois' waterskiing industry gets a boost in a recession year.