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CONSUME. Now available in selected regional newsstands across America, Gator Gridiron profiles the 2009 Florida Gators football team as only we can: WITH HUNDREDS OF NUDE PHOTOS. That's right, nude photos of beautiful celebrities performing despicable but riveting acts with all manner of implements and other beautiful celebrities.

Sure, you like Dan Shanoff, but you'll like him better when we take his piece Tebow: Great... Or Greatest? and pair it with a picture of Kristen Bell from her Veronica Mars days in a bikini soaping up a tranquilized American alligator! HEY-YAH!!! She's a wiry one! Just wait until you get until the pieces by Chrison Charlie Strong's defense and the evolution of Tim Tebow. They're 100% genius, but wait until you see his brilliant analysis matched up against ACTUAL PICTURES OF NAKED ERIN ANDREWS NAKED ERIN ANDREWS.*

Order here: Holly, Joel, Scott, Ryan, T. Kyle, and some random anarchist named Spencer Hall are all included, and at 124 pages it is certainly more information than one might require about the 2009 Florida Gators.

*"NAKED ERIN ANDREWS" is Polish for "accurate diagrams of spread formations lining up against a standard 4-3 defense." We apologize for any inconvenience. Also there are no other nude photos in the guide except for the author's photo. You pay 12 bucks, you get exactly 12 bucks worth.