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From Charlie Weis' Twitter feed:

We'll have 7 on 7 camp Friday and Saturday. The big guys will enjoy our new ‘Linemen Challenge’ at the same time.

Lineman challenge, you say? What could that look like, Smedley? Oh, you say you have footage of the dry run using the scout team, no?

Ah, that'll never get old. Charlie is also stopping by Milwaukee to get his does of Vitamin ROCK with his buddy Jon Bon Jovi, and we wrote that just that way because that is precisely how Charlie Weis wrote it: "Buddy." Actual tactical-like knowledge stuff: The ND depth chart is looking awfully light and speedy in the nickel, according to Blue-Gray Sky. Since this is a Jon Tenuta defense, spare any film watching and just remember to throw it to the tight end when in doubt. If you doubt this works, ask Georgia, and they will confirm this.

You could just pass around a picture in an email. Or you could start an entire blog just to share one picture. If this doesn't end up in 1post1ders, we'll give you a wrinkled dollar bill we found in the pocket of Lane Kiffin's jeans after he is pantsed in the Swamp and claims it was all part of the plan.

Feldman! 45 minutes of Feldman makes the ladies say yeaaaaaahhhh.

The other thing the NFL does better besides getting players off for killing people with automobiles. Rushing stats adjusted for sacks, something Tim Griffin recalculates to reflect actual yards gained, and not the illusory number you get when balancing a competent run game with a quarterback who gets his molars rattled every time he drops back to pass.

Someone lost a bet. At least that's our guess on this, unless Mr. Luz Rodriguez of Hoover, Alabama has made a serious miscalculation about the phonetics of his spanking new custom vanity plate.