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Blatant propagandizing......ENGAGE:

Rust Belt Tebow Lives! Dan Lefevour of Central Michigan nabs a spot in the USA Today College Football Preview as a regional cover for "The Greater Northern MIdwestern Concavity Where Stuff Used To Be." Lefevour is the second player in college football history to pass for 3,000 yards and run for 1,000 in a season, and likes to think of himself as the Vince Young of the greater Mt. Pleasant area.

Thanks for setting the bar higher. Brian Kelly's exit fee just got higher thanks to a new contract, and now Cincy fans freak out, and remember that the last time this happened, you got Brian Kelly eventually, and that's how an optimist ignores the sound of the wolves at the door.

Well, sure. Once you remember that we're doing things long term, this all makes half-sense.

He got into numbers. From Andy Staples' Twitter feed: "The nine #SEC states have produced 3,061 #BCS conference signees since 2004. That's 33.8 percent, despite 19.1 percent of U.S. population."