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This is our favorite image of all from the Stadium Sipper's site:

Picture 13

Hmm...what shall we pour into the Stadium Sipper? These two Bud Lights? This Montrachet 1978 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti? 20 shots of Jager? You're right, Ed. The Montrachet don't go with the stadium popcorn at all. Go with the Jager, and we'll save the wine for the cold chicken fingers at the after-tailgate.

Holly suggested taking one seat filled with Jager Jameson and Irish Cream in, and one with Guinness, and then car bombing the entire section. That would work, you'd need ten for beer and one for Jager to make it work out correctly, and who's going to do that when you could just have twenty stadium seats full of Jager?

Another idea we wanted to foist on security would be filling the stadium seat with something entirely non-beverage related, like delicious peppered sawmill gravy or a molecular gastronomy creation like liquefied marrow. Hand it out like shots at a game (preferably an insanely hot one,) and when security comes to throw you out, calmly explain that it's not booze, but instead is tasty homemade gravy you're sharing with the public for free out of the kindness of your heart. They might throw you out for just being cheeky, but you could say you were tossed out for handing out free hot gravy at a 90 degree football game, and that's something you can tell your grandkids (to disturb them, and therefore leave creepy old you alone to watch your favorite show, McGillicuddy, or "An Elderly Paul Rudd Fights Young Criminals With the Assistance of a Sassy Rapping Cyborg."

(All that said, the deluxe kit is 40 bucks, people. Pounce, consumer!)