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Bobby Bowden: (has servant hold up rotary dial phone to ear:) Ah say they-yah, hello?


Joe Paterno: Hey, Bobby. How ya feelin', buddy?

Bowden: Spry! Just chopped some wood, actually. On my way to do some brisk calisthenics and then expand my chest for a while. How's your leg? Hurting right now? Like the wobbly inflamed knee of a horse just seconds from the glue factory, eh?

Joe Paterno: Nah, but thanks for asking. That's very kind. It's feeling good enough to walk around with no problem, actually. Gonna go for a walk to the stadium in a bit, maybe drop in on my son. Who's still coaching with me. And not fired and sucking at the drained, sagging bosom of my university.

Bowden: I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, Joe. I'm busy thumbing through these blue-chip propects to call. They're all so fast, you just wouldn't believe it, really. And they all want to come here. It's warm down here, you know. That's got to be hard on your joints, ain't it Joe? They have to hurt you soooo in the mow-nin', right?

Paterno: Nah, but I appreciate the concern, Bobby. Hey, look at me, I'm just talkin' all over the place here. Just wanted to let you know that I'm real sorry to hear about the NCAA shooting down your appeal to vacate the wins. I hope this doesn't affect our friendship, as would sit fifteen games behind me on the all-time wins list, and that's with your wins from Samson College throw in there. (giggles)

Bowden: THAT'S SAM-FAHD, you dago sonofabitch! It's one of the finest academic institutions in Buh-mingham, Alabama!

Paterno: I'm sure they gotta lot of 'em. I'll tell 'em that when I go to my next Brown alumni meeting. Anyway, I gotta get crackin' here. There's stuff I gotta do, like take my vitamins, go for a walk, and enjoy the view from 15 wins ahead of you.

Bowden: I hope you trip on your momma's dick, cripple. WE WILL RISE AGAIN!!!

Paterno: It sounded better when you said it at Gettysburg. You have a nice day, Bobby. Have 15 of them in a row, on me.

Bowden: Why I nevah!-- [/click!]