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Huzzah for foofery! If you're fond of retro fooferaw and blustery go-teamery, then put on your straw hat, pull on a fur coat, and adjust your Woodrow Wilson high-banded collar, and sing along with the Michigan State fight song--now, as always, the only college fight song with brand-specific VIM.

Just like Waffle House's "World Famous _______", we doubt that Michigan State or any other university is known far and wide. Oxford and Cambridge still have that on lockdown for brand recognition, and seriously, if you go to the ends of the earth the words "Nike" and "Coke" are far more recognized than any university. The exception to this is Michigan, whose graduates pile up in the oddest places. Kick over a rock in the Australian outback, and you will find a Michigan grad working on an arcane project who would be happy to tell you about the unfairly slandered reputation of John Navarre, college quarterback.

A sure sign Houston Nutt is gassy. Mack Brown posts from the Middle East:

We are staying at one of Saddam's lavish palaces. It is unbelievable. You should check them out on the net. That is the exciting and good news. The bad news is that all seven coaches slept on bunk beds in the same room. Now we've been close the entire trip, but seven tired coaches sleeping together after jet lag will test the camaraderie.

"Houston! For god's sake, don't fan it up!" Between that and Tressel's night terrors, this would be a living hell.

Retired, again: Mouse Davis, the grandaddy of the run 'n shoot, retires again. The architect of the passing game that has morphed in a thousand different directions--most significantly elements of the spread option passing game and Mike Leach's attack--says he's going to take his new wife on a trip or just hang around 'n stuff. Davis is recently married and 76 years old. Redundant: he is also obviously an optimist.

Ma bought it for me. Tim Tebow's floor seat for the Magic game the other night was purchased for him by his mother, but since it would have been a secondary violation at best, and those don't get punished, we might as well just let a booster pick up the tab next time and let the Tebows' money go toward their state goal of ridding the Philippines of the scourge of godless foreskins.

Oh, hello you sexy timesuck, you. The team builder on NCAA 2010 looks like a superb way to destroy both relationships and your sleep schedule.