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GIGGITY! Houston Nutt is waiting until the trial of Jamar Hornsby on assault charges to make up his mind about the former Florida safety fond of using dead people's credit cards for living expenses and beating up fast food workers with brass knuckles. It would be hasty since twice is a coincidence, and three times is just coincidence with a stutter.

"It’s real simple to say, ‘Next,’ but we’ve spent a lot of time, do a lot of research, get pretty close to the guy, feel like there’s a relationship there that you can maybe help him," said Nutt, who will welcome Scout’s 17th-ranked recruiting class to campus this summer. "That’s one of the reasons we’re in the business, is to help them. But there’s a double-edged sword on that deal. He’s got to help himself too, he’s got to do things right."

Like not hitting people with brass knuckles, for instance, when they neglect to put mayo on your burger. It's a scholarship offer, though, so Houston Nutt will just treat like any of the other 458 commits he gets every cycle,
anticipating their eventual trip down to Mississippi's endless community college system.

(BTW, the Mississippi economy is entirely supported by casinos, catfish, and community colleges existing solely to funnel struggling non-qualifiers up to large football programs. Add in John Grisham and booze, and you've pretty much got the entire GDP of the state in a single description. )

Oh, and this doesn't sound as bad as it looked on paper.