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Reader Ian points out a frightening similarity between the Tamil Tigers logo and LSU's own branding, as well as offering up his own hybrid of the two:


Please not the "Libation" slipped in there for effect. As he points out:

The Tamil Tigers, a terrorist group accused of attacking civilian villagers, employing child soldiers, and possibly deep-frying unusual local wildlife, have recently been decimated by the Sri Lankan government...Meanwhile, the LSU Tigers are also controversial. They've been accused of attacking civilian tailgaters, employing child soldiers, and bearing firearms...

LSU has two up on them: The Tamil Tigers are a big 0-1 on the year, and still have their prized starting quarterback. Both do share a love of spicy food, though Cajun and creole cooking have nothing on Sri Lankan food, a cuisine so heinously spicy it contributes to higher rates of stomach cancer in the country. (It also makes determining whether you have the shits very difficult, so ass-scorching are the resulting bowel movements. They could be normal, or they could be shigella, as friends of ours who lived there found out the hard way.)