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Why, yes I did mean that. Search Wikipedia for the name of Wake Forest's "Steed Lobotzke," and you get a very fair answer in return (click for big):


(HT: Rock M Nation.) The randomness of this cannot please us more, especially because we really were looking for instructions on a speed lobotomy. (Quick answer: does AOL want you as an online writer? You have already had one, then, and the procedure would be redundant, and the waste of a perfectly good sterile flexible scalpel.)

Kellen Lewis leaves in a fog. The entire Indiana offense, Kellen Lewis, is gone from the team for undisclosed reasons after being moved to wide receiver and then committing some unspecified violation of team rules. Over the Pylon suspects weed, as his grades were allegedly okay, but it's further proof that mutant athletes between the age of 18-22 who smoke pot are still mutant athletes no matter how much you put in their lungs. (They're just mutant athletes who fiend for Flamin' Hots between 10 pm and 2 am.)

Melekilikki Maka is Hawaii's way......of saying holy shit what the fuck is wrong with Hawaii's anger management skills as a football team. Points to come--since they're undoubtedly your new Fulmer Cup team leaders--but perhaps June Jones wasn't entirely insane after all.

Later in half we're calling a fake punt try to stop it LOL. Les Miles is getting militant about his twittering, saying he will tweet at halftime, he will tweet before the game, he will tweet on the beaches, he will tweet in the streets, he will use it because it is yet another way to get recruits, control spin in the media, and if you're Bill Stewart, a way to give someone the lovable digital country grampa you never had. Miles feed is here, and it's as you imagined: fired-up, a bit scattered, and appropriately prone to pushing the 140 character limit.

No, keep it up, it's working. Ted Miller does an ESPN post based on a non-ESPN blog idea, does it well, and expands on said idea, showing he a.) actually reads blogs, and b.) knows what to do with them--i.e., link, expand, engage, and get chatty and hyperlinky with it. Cocktails duly awarded both for the technique, and for reminding us all that the Pac-10's round robin scheduling is both burly and damaging to the teams' national profile.