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Mingovia! Sing with us the anthem this morning to celebrate our good fortune to have triumphed in the Name of the Year contest! RAISE YOUR SCYTHES AND BELLOW FORTH THY AFFECTION AND LOYALTY!!!

Mingovia the Great! Mingovia the Good!

The land of smoking craters

where once our en'mies stood...

The sunny pines of Barko! The brothelettes of Ming!

Let every filthy parcel

To Lord Mingo's glory sing!

Vanquished if you're lucky--far worse if you should lag

In battle with Lord Mingo

You'll end up bound and gagged

Today we feed the Kraken--Sweet Bubbles, Mingo's pet!

We sing as we make foes

Into Kraken-sized croquettes.

Now Mingo at the balcony--Our Steampunk Emperor, hail!

Half linebacker, half god,

Our love-shall--nehh-vaaaaaar----FAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!

On behalf of the Steampunk Emperor, we thank you for your support of Mingovia. Now go forth on Charity Day--Lord Mingo proclaims a feast, with a roasted ostrich in every square and fountains of mead all around. Also, public sex and the killing of one--THAT'S JUST ONE, PEOPLE--servant for sport shall be tolerated until curfew at 6 p.m. today. GET TO IT MINGOVIANS.